Just A Lonely Mercenary

And finally my tribute to Paranoid Twi and her beloved Nit White is ready for a good photo shoot. Nitty didnt come out as clean as i had hoped. I may do some work on her later. She looks good enough to display for now though.

Nitty wasnt hard but she wasnt as easy as I expected either. She took ALLOT of white spray paint to cover. I will prob sand and paint her again with a brush this time. I used epoxy putty to do her mane. It came out pretty good for my first mane alteration.

Her single eye is of course a blue acrylic bead.

Her wings i cut off a Derpy/ Rainbow Dash modded figure.

the Derpy figure will not be wasted. she had to have her wings removed anyway so i could paint her in the Lyra Plushie (suit). her wings would be tucked inside the Lyra suit with her head pokeing out of the.. one hole that has the bronies so pissed off.

The Twilight figure is made by Stripeybelly. She did the mane and tail alterations. I choose to pay respects to Friendly Twilight (may the blog rest in peace) by painting her eyes a faded blue and a very faded purple on the other side.

Follow Paranoid Twilight here http://ask-paranoid-twilight.tumblr.com/

Follow Friendly Twilight here http://friendlytwilight.tumblr.com/ she MAY be making a comeback after all. Cross your hooves every-pony!